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Nov 14, 2019 | Team Histories

Being a quidditch player is no easy. People around you are judgmental, even though you go to the best universities in your country, hoping for a lot more open-minded people. You face with sarcastic comments and unnecessary jokes, but you don’t quit it. You try to explain yourself, and quidditch, and you also learn when no to explain yourself and remain silent.  I believe that most of the quidditch players are beyond the social boundaries and play this sport because it comes from their heart. Most people may think that quidditch isn’t the coolest sport to do; however, ware trying to change that. The image of quidditch is only limited with Harry Potter, and I believe people should know more. They should know that we are not geeks running around with brooms, in fact we are sportsmen who put the same energy with any other teams at school.

Ece Begüm Çakıcı – Erdi Bilal Yeşildal – Zeynep Yıldızdan at Turkish Quidditch Cup 2019

The complexity of the rules frightens people, even the smartest ones, yet we will be sure if people fully understand what we do. Our team, Bogazici Quidditch was established in 2015 in the name of BOUN Centaurs. It became one of the best teams in the national league and also proved itself in the tournaments held in Europe. Our other team was established in 2017, BOUN Renegades, and currently we are moving our way with the name of Renegades.

Most quidditch teams are focused on the game, but it was never enough for us. First, we have organized a tournament, Centaury Cup. Then we realized that the demand for such entertaining tournaments high, since people only could play only in TQC or the league matches. However, people get a better chance to show their true potential on such organizations sometimes. Thus, we decided to hold another tournament, called Istanbul Quidditch Cup. We have organized four cups so far, and each time we have improved ourselves a little further which made people in our society to admire us. We started as a committee which puts people to teams which consists of merch players, then on our third edition we had a cooperation with Utility Apparel to sponsor for the tournament jerseys.

Team Moneybees (champion of Istanbul Quidditch Cup 3) with the players of BOUN Renegades

Everyone seemed to like this new update we had, now they had a jersey as a souvenir in addition to the tournament photos. In addition to the jerseys, on the fourth edition, which was held in July, we started something new, which was solving a huge problem of quidditch players: How are we going to watch the matches? I believe that one the biggest problems of quidditch is that the options to watch is highly limited. Not all teams can set a proper camera system to record the match.

A screenshot from the live stream of Istanbul Quidditch Cup 4

Consequently, we decided to stream matches live and form a YouTube channel so that people who could watch themselves, or other players. We have received so many positive comments for this action, and we also received an offer from Turkish Quidditch Association to take the charge of the live broadcast of the Turkish Quidditch Cup 2019. In addition to our previous broadcast, we had our commentator to annotate the matches in English, so that the international community could also watch.

We are not just a sports team, but also a brand.


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